Mobile Learning Research and Innovation at Bond University

Bond University is the recipient of the BLACKBOARD MOBILE INNOVATION CATALYST AWARD 2012!

“These awards honour those who have embraced the use of mobile technology to positively impact the educational experience at their institution.”

Bond University was selected for this award because:

  • We were the first Australian university to go live with Blackboard Mobile Learn.
  • We have conducted and published scholarly research inquiring into whether use of mobile devices improves student learning.
  • We are running professional development initiatives for our academics like the Mobile Creative Learning Inspiration Crew (MCLIC).

We will be celebrating this Mobile Learning Award and sharing new knowledge through:

  • Our Mobile Creative Learning Inspiration Crew (MCLIC)
  • Conference Presentations and Workshops at the Blackboard Australasia Conference at Bond University in August. (see announcement below)
  • Creation of Web pages and Video Clips for iTunesU. (see article below “It’s mobile. But is it learning?”)

For more information visit:

Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2012

Education Technology Solutions article: “It’s Mobile. But is it Learning?”

by: Dr. Shelley Kinash

Mobile learning is defined as a portable process of teaching and study using internet connected devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. The two defining features of mobile learning are represented in the words of the term. Mobile learning unleashes educational technology from the computer and the LCD projector on the teacher’s desk and allows students of all levels to have their resources available at all times whether at home or school. The second feature is that the devices are put to use for educational purposes. Mobile learning was on the periphery of…Read more


Bond University Improves Student Success with Blackboard Mobile Learn

Bond University documented a significant improvement in student success after implementing Blackboard Mobile Learn. Dr. Shelley Kinash, Director Office of Quality Teaching and Learning, presents the research findings that earned Bond University the 2012 Blackboard Mobile Catalyst Award!


Challenging mobile learning discourse through research: Student perceptions of Blackboard Mobile Learn and iPads

by: Dr. Shelley Kinash, Dr. Jeffrey Brand and Trishita Mathew

Many university academics disagree with the rationale that we should pursue mobile learning because 21st century students are apparently demanding it. We argue that the only defensible rationale for making mobile learning part of pedagogy is…Read more

What mobile learning looks like

by: Dr Shelley Kinash, Ron Kordyban and Lauren Hives

For mobile learning, the future is now. The capacity of mobile devices has unleashed the creativity of educators and untethered learning from the traditional use of lecture theatres and classrooms. Many teachers are excited about the idea of mobile learning, but do not know what it means, or…Read more

Mobile Learning Publications Click for more details


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