New Generation of What?

by: Dr. Shelley Kinash

At a recent faculty meeting, debate raged over two topics: student use of laptops and video recording of lectures. On one side of the debate, lecturers tell students to shut their laptops and put them away because, in their experience, students using mobile devices are on social networking sites, emailing or playing games rather than attending to the lecture. Opposing academics actively encourage students to…Read more


It’s Mobile, But Is It Learning?

by: Dr. Shelley Kinash

Mobile learning is defined as a portable process of teaching and study using internet connected devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. The two defining features of mobile learning are represented in the words of the term. Mobile learning unleashes educational technology from the computer and the LCD projector on the teacher’s desk and allows students of all levels to have their resources available at all times whether at home or school. The second feature is that the devices are put to use for educational purposes. Mobile learning was on the periphery of…Read more

Breaking the log-jam: Teaching the teachers about technology

by: Dr. Shelley Kinash & Ron Kordyban

“Like logs in a metaphoric lumber mill, educational technologies are streaming in faster than they can be gathered and processed. There are wikis, blogs,podcasts, social networks and a host of applications to complement the already robust world of mobile learning. Where things tend to get jammed-up is at the point of training. Someone needs to show teachers how and when to use these new e-learning tools. More and more schools and universities are hiring dedicated educators to provide professional development in the pedagogical use of educational technologies. However…